tennis consultin, tennis advisory, mental coaching, psychlogical advisoryy

Consulting für Trainer, Eltern, Vereine und Spieler Consulting for professional players, coaches, parents and national associations,

....für Trainer .... for trainers and coaches
Warum setzen sich meine Schüler nicht durch, was fehlt den noch? Why my players are not able to break through , what we are missing in training? Was ist da falsch? What's wrong in my programm? is it aWie kann ich das Training ändern, was muss ich neu gestalten? How could I change the training, what do I need to redesign? Wie kann ich meine Schützlinge selbstbewusster zu machen? How can I get my students to be more self-confident and to imrpove their concentration ?


...für Eltern und Funktionäre ... for parents
Warum setzen sich meine Kinder nicht durch, was fehlt den noch? How much talent has got my child really ? Does What´s wrong with it, why does it became to be histerical, smashing around with the racket, rants all the time with itself ? Was muss ich noch tun? What should I do? WhyWieder 6:7, 6:7? Should I change the coach?


...für junge und alte Profis ... for professionals and upcoming professionals
Again lost 5:7 after leading 5:2 ? Blockiert? Blocked? Stressed ? Problems with the concentration ? Panic attacks?
Konzentrationsschwäche? Gedankenflucht? Thoughts escape? Kein Bock? ? Wie kann ich es endlich schaffen? How can I copy with is it? Is it possible to learn to WIN ?


... for national Tennis Associatiions.. why our tennis is so unsuccesful? Wrong organisation and structure of education? Wrong methods of teaching ? Is the coaching stuff not good enough ? Archaic programms ?


Falls Sie sich solche Fragen immer wieder stellen, dann sollen Sie unverzüglich mit uns Kontakt aufnehmen: If such questions are arising again and again, you should immediately contact us:
0172-2328925 +49 172 23 28 925
oder or tennis.dudzinski @

Coaching auf der Tour Coaching on the tour

ITF Tour u14 und u16 ITF Tour U14 and U16
Nur Europa, Maximum 12 Tage/Monat Only Europe, maximum 12 days / month

Mentalcoaching and Taktikcoaching, Optimierung der Technik, Fittness, Koordination Mental coaching or mental training, optimization of technique, fitness, coordination and tactics

Pro Tag Per day

550€ zzgl. MWSt. € 550 plus VAT.

WTA Tour ITF Tour U 18
ITF u 18 (Top 100) minimum 3 Monate minimum 3 months

Mentalcoaching and Taktikcoaching, evtl. Hilfe bei erlernen der Serve und Volley (Big Game) Mental coaching or mental training and optimization of tacticts

Pro Monat Per month

Nach Vereinbarung ask

ATP Tour Minimum 3 Monate. ATP/WTA Tour
minimum 3 months.

Mentalcoaching, Taktikberatung Mental coaching or/and mental training

Pro Monat Per month

ask Nach Vereinbarung

ATP/WTA Coaching eines Doppels Coaching of professionals doubles ITF/ATP / WTA Minimum 6 months

Taktik, Technik, Fittnes,Mentalcoaching Tactical learning and coaching. Improving of technique required to be succesful in doubles. Understandig of the game.pecific fittnes, Mental Coaching and Mental training

Pro Monat Per month

Nach Vereinbarung ask

Die og Preise beinhalten keine Anfahrts- und Übernachtungskosten sowie keineVerpflegung und sonstige Spesen! The above prices do not include costs of transportation, board and accommodation

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