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…“The mental strength“ – the power of our subconscious and conscious thoughts is a gift of nature, or – if you like – a gift from God… in any case, it is a miracle potential that at the birth we have received for free. This potential helps us to influence our destiny, future and development.
It seems to have a power to combat our illnesses, to overcome our weakness to make us be succesful and what most important – to change dreams into reality. So we are talking about intellectual tool, that is absolutely reliable - if used properly. But this tool like any other must also be maintained and optimized…You have to KNOW-HOW. Therefore, what I am offering to you is a MANUAL based on more than 30 year of experience as professional tennis trainer, psychotherapist and mental coach.

This site is basically dedicated to tennis players and coaches but also could be interested to parents and officials. It can help you to change to the winning side - as everybody knows - “success begins in the head” …


K.T. Dudzinski 2002




     Krzysztof Dudzinski
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Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships 2008
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